Fundamentals of Risk Managment


RIMAN fundamentals of Risk Management Workshops provides a basic to intermediary perspective of the core aspects of risk management, which include: Credit Risk, Market Risk, Operational Risk and Enterprise Risk Management. The applicability of the training is multi sectoral and dynamic. Fundamentals of Risk Management Workshops attract 8 MCPE points.

The Scope

Fundamentals of Risk Managment is a 3 Stage Programme, desgined to address basic to advanced level skill sets of entery to executive level personel perfroming risk managment and related functions in both financial and non fiancial sectors. Depnding on the required intensity, each stage can ranged between 2 and 5 days.Generally the programme addresses the following risk management subject matters

  • Introduction To Risk Management
  • Market Risk 
  • Credit Risk
  • Operational Risk
  • Enterprise Risk Management

Learning Objectives

  1. Recognize the value of risk management.
  2. Explain how the fundamental concepts and principles of risk management apply at various levels
  3. Identify key criteria for implementing controls, procedures and regulatory processes
  4. Analyse specific risk management frameworks and different types of risk
  5. Build awareness of specific risks such as credit, market and operational risk
  6. Explore the main risk measurement and management tools
  7. know how risk standards are developed.

Risk Management Association of Nigeria in its quest to promote best practices in risk Management has developed the under listed to impart skills, knowledge and guide the conduct of members and risk management staff who aspire to become professionals.