Enterprise Risk Management


RIMANs Principles of Enterprise Risk Management training programme, provides a basic to intermediary perspective of the working of Enterprise Wide Risk Management. The programme is intended to assist corporates and professionals gain basic understanding in the establishment of an effective framework for risk management and aid regulators in effective assessment and supervision of ERM frameworks

The Scope

Depending on intensity and target audience, this programme could range between 3 to 5 days. The programme is designed to address the following Enterprise Risk Management subject matters

  • Overview of the Critical Success factors for ERM
  • Practical ERM-Conducting the risk assessment
  • Utilizing ERM-Demonstrate and validate compliance externally
  • Regulatory Assessment-Assessing operators ERM Frameworks
  • Supervisory Process 

Learning Objective

At the end of the programme we expect participants to:

  • Effectively develop ERM strategies and their implementation;
  • Ensure regulatory compliance for their organisation with respect to ERM;
  • Effectively manage credit, market and operational risk elements ;
  • Conduct ongoing ERM risk assessment;
  • Apply the key principles of Sarbanes-Oxley & global equivalent legislation;
  • Understand and apply the key principles of Basel II & Basel III;
  • Develop effective and objective risk aligned audit strategies;
  • Utilize ERM to demonstrate and validate transparency and governance structures;
  • Develop a continuous improvement culture

Risk Management Association of Nigeria in its quest to promote best practices in risk Management has developed the under listed to impart skills, knowledge and guide the conduct of members and risk management staff who aspire to become professionals.