Code of Conduct

The high level of unethical practices in the Nigerian financial industry in recent years is posing confidence problems in the industry, thus negatively impacting on its image. The Bankers' Committee in 2001 took up the challenge and produced the Code of Ethics & Professionalism in the Banking and Finance Industry.

In order to give depth and subtenance to the work of the Banker's Committee, RIMAN drew up a Code of Conduct and Ethics for risk managers, lenders and members of the Association.

The adoption of this Code is highly recommended for implementation to facilitate the restoration of confidence in members and in the industry.

Presently, a committee constituted by the Executive Council of the Association is working on the review of the document.

Risk Management Association of Nigeria in its quest to promote best practices in risk Management has developed the under listed to impact skills, knowledge and guide the conduct of members and risk management staff who aspire to become professionals.