Mandatory Continuing Professional Education (MCPE)


- What You Need To Know

In the contemporary and dynamic business operating environment, Risk Management professionals are expected to respond appropriately and timely in the strategic roles of guiding their institutions in taking the right decisions.

Whilst membership of RIMAN is a clear demonstration of commitment to perform these roles, capacity to continue in this responsibility requires that Risk Managers keep abreast of new and changing knowledge necessary to provide effective leadership in risk management activities.

RIMAN Membership Continuing Professional Education (MCPE) Programme is developed to assist members to continuously upgrade their technical skills and competencies through eligible structured training programmes and relevant professional events that enhance their professional expertise and responsiveness in day-to-day career roles.

The MCPE is designed to encourage members to continually educate ourselves on emerging national and global challenges that have far reaching implications in our career and business decision making.


The MCPE is open to all individual registered members of the Association, namely Associate Member, Senior Associate Member and Certified Risk Managers (CRM); such members shall also be up to date in their membership subscription payment.


The programme requires that members should earn within every one (1) year a minimum of twenty (20) credit hours for Associate members and thirty (30) credit hours for certified risk managers in order to maintain their membership status and designation. Credit programmes as defined below.


The MCPE has been designed to recognize the diverse nature of risk and knowledge sharing benefits under structured programme. It also accommodates the convenience and specific skill needs of individuals in their career roles.

Risk Management Association of Nigeria in its quest to promote best practices in risk Management has developed the under listed to impart skills, knowledge and guide the conduct of members and risk management staff who aspire to become professionals.