Vacancy exists for positions in a leading Corporate Organization in Nigeria:

  • Apr 26, 2019
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Vacancy exists for the under listed positions in a leading Corporate Organization in Nigeria:

1. Market Risk Officer:

The candidate must understand:

  • Market risk management framework: definition and update of risk limits
  • Contribution to the risk appetite definition
  • Entry point for the Enterprise Risk Management requests: risk identification process, risk appetite statement campaign


A minimum of B Sc. Numerical Sciences, Accounting, Business Administration or any other relevant discipline is required.


  • ­ Quantitative and analytical skills
  • ­ Basic knowledge on market risk measurement techniques
  • ­ Fluent in English
  • ­ Clear communication

Please note that the entering level for this position is a Banking Officer position

2. Credit Risk Manager

  • Are you experienced in credit risk management?
  • Have you worked in either business banking, a consumer or business loan company?
  • Are you proficient in the end-to-end loan origination process?
  • Do you have an excellent knowledge of credit decisioning, and have experience applying your knowledge in a low data environment?
  • Are you a self-starter, and comfortable delivering on expectations with minimal supervision?
  • Are you an excellent communicator, with great interpersonal skills?


A minimum of B sc Numerical Sciences, Accounting, Business Administration or any other relevant discipline is required. MBA or master degree in finance will be an added advantage. A previous experience in banking would be appreciated.


  • ­ Quantitative and analytical skills
  • ­ Sound knowledge of credit risk management
  • ­ An average knowledge of Market an d Operational Risk Management
  • ­ Fluent in English
  • ­ Clear communication

Please note that this is a manager position.

Interested and qualified candidates are to send their application/ CV to on or before 3rd of May, 2019.

Shortlisted candidates will be contacted thereafter.



  • Minimum of first degree in any discipline
  • Marketing or membership services experience of three (3) years.
  • Good communication skills
  • A related professional qualification/ Masters degree and financial industry experience will be an added advantage


  • Market the products and services of the Association at all fora, within and outside Nigeria.
  • Actively participate at Committee meetings.
  • Ensure that staff complies with all regulations and rules and behaves in a socially responsible manner.
  • Constantly work with Research to conduct marketing research and intelligence on all target market segments and competitors.
  • Create a positive brand for the Association.
  • Relate with external Press and print media and ensure effective publicity.
  • Prepare and present special reports for Executive Council.
  • Attend to members’ requests and enquiries promptly.
  • Update information on walk-in clients and phone enquiries.
  • Ensure maintenance of Membership Registers/ Database
  • Coordinate and supervise the activities of customer service staff.
  • Resolve customers’ complaints, resentments and fears.
  • Monitor and minimize turn-around time.


  • People Skills
  • Decision Making Skills
  • Communication Skills
  • Conceptual Skills
  • Analytical Skills
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Computer Skills



  • Minimum of first degree in any of the following disciplines: Accounting, Finance, Business Management/Admin, Economics, Management, Mathematics, Statistics.
  • Financial accounting experience of at least, three (3) years.
  • A related professional qualification/ Masters degree and financial industry experience will be an added advantage


  • Monitor, report and make recommendations to Management on Performance.
  • Prepare management accounts.
  • Ensure cash control.
  • Researching and reporting on factors influencing business performance
  • Developing financial management mechanisms that minimise financial risk
  • Conducting reviews and evaluations for cost-reduction opportunities
  • Developing external relationships with appropriate contacts, e.g. auditors, solicitors, bankers and statutory organisations such as the tax authorities
  • Producing accurate financial reports to specific deadlines
  • Managing budgets
  • Keeping abreast of changes in financial regulations and legislation


  • Analytical Skills
  • Excellent communication and presentation skills
  • High numeracy and sound technical skills
  • Problem-solving skills and initiative
  • Negotiation skills and the ability to influence others
  • Good time management skills and the ability to prioritise
  • The potential to lead and motivate others


Summary of Duties:

  • Training and Research assistant
  • Website Management/Search engine optimization
  • Social Media/Mobile Marketing

Job Responsibilities:

  • Developing a distinct online presence by attracting high numbers of internet followers through social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram.
  • Developing strategies to increase the number of visitors to the organisation’s website by achieving high-ranking placements in search results
  • Assist in conducting research, as well as organizing training programs
  • Provide support to users on software and hardware applications in the organisation
  • Research new online media opportunities that may benefit the business including mobile, social media, development of blogs and forums
  • Developing an organisation's multi-channel communication strategies.
  • Design website banners and assist with web visuals
  • Contribute to social media engagement and brand awareness campaigns
  • Contribute to organisation’s blogs and manage e-communications
  • Keep up to date with current digital trends
  • Manage the contact database and assist with lead generation activities
  • Liaise with trainers from other companies, professional training group members, and consultants by phone, in person, or through correspondence.
  • Contacts attendees and representatives of other organization about training program.
  • Perform other tasks as may be assigned by the Executive Secretary


This area of work is open to all graduates; however the following subjects may be particularly useful:

  • Minimum of first degree in Numerical Sciences any discipline.
  • Business and technology
  • Creative design
  • E-business
  • If you do not have a related first degree, you may be required to demonstrate a genuine interest in social media marketing, with evidence of a strong personal online profile, e.g. Website or connections and interactions on various social media platforms.

Skills Requirements

  • Communication skills
  • Excellent IT skills.
  • Organisational skills with the ability to deliver a high volume of quality work
  • Creative skills for contributing new and innovative ideas
  • Networking and analytical skills
  • Knowledge of existing and emerging social media platforms
  • Attention to detail and accuracy

Interested and qualified Candidates should send their CV to

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