People Risk and Organizational Leadership

What is People Risk and what is its co-relatedness Leadership?
At most times than less, efficiency, loyalty and the willingness to seek progress, are largely determined by successful leadership. Theories surrounding human behavior suggests that motivation is a primary drivers for optimal staff productivity and reduction of operational risks which eventually crystallize in the form of slow downs to business continuity and losses.
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Vacancy exists for positions in a leading Corporate Organization in Nigeria:

Vacancy exists for the under listed positions in a leading Corporate Organization in Nigeria:   1. Market Risk Officer: The candidate must understand: Market risk management framework: definition and update of risk limits Contribution to the risk appetite definition Entry point for the Enterprise Risk Management requests: risk identification process,…


Risk Management Association of Nigeria (RIMAN), in conjunction with Lagos Business School (LBS), is organising a Risk Round Table to discuss the central risk management issue of "People Risk Management and Risk Culture Building". It is an established fact that organisations/institutions achieve sustainability by managing people risk and embedding the…