Inflation risk and the effects

  • By RIMAN

The growth of personal income and retirement benefits may not keep up with the accelerating pace of rising prices.

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Outsourcing Risks

  • By RIMAN, Deloitte

Most Chief Executives of companies tackle continuing partner, vendor and supply-chain vulnerabilities

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Quick Pick

Risk of Fuel Tanker Fire

Mitigation Strategies

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Several crises in one: What effects will COVID-19 have on the global risk landscape?

We are in a healthcare crisis that is also an economic crisis combined with an energy crisis. Add to that a looming humanitarian crisis in some emerging economies and you have a multitude of challenges, all of which are exacerbating geopolitical risks. How will these crises play out over the…

COVID-19, the global economy and Nigeria businesses

The world is an interconnected global village and Nigeria is not immune to the adverse effects that may occur through this virus, even if the country hasn’t really been hit by the disease... Read more...