S.No Course Title Duration Course Fee 
Date Month Location Course Content Type
1 Risk Management Training on Corporate Governance 2 Days 100,000 Jan. 25 January Lagos At the end of this session, participants would have a sound knowledge of Risk Management, Corporate Governance and Compliance, appreciate the importance of these functions in any organization and Know how these three functions are interrelated/harmonized and harnessed In House
2 Fundamentals of Risk Management 2 Days 80,000 Feb. 27 - 28 February Lagos This two day course covers the fundamentals of enterprise risk management in a fast-paced, interactive environment. Particpants will learn using case studies and current affairs to bring material to life. On completion of this course expect to have a solid understanding of how effective risk management can benefit their organisation. Open House
3 AML/CFT(Anti Money Laundering & Counter Terrorist Funding) for financial sector operators and regulators 2 Days 100,000 Mar 25 - 26 March Lagos This course analyzes financial crime topics including money laundering, terrorist financing, fraud and bribery and corruption. The course raises awareness of financial crime risks, global laws and regulations, laws and regulations applicable to specific nations in Africa, and the systems and controls aimed at detecting and preventing financial criminal acts Open House
4 Baisc Credit Risk Analysis & management 3 Days 150,000 Apr 17 - 19 April Lagos & Abuja Participants would have learnt and understood various types of credit risk such as Downgrade Risk, Credit Spread Risk, Credit Default Risk, Pre-settlement risk & Settlement Risk as well as the reason why Bank need to promote sound practices for managing credit risk Open House
5 GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) & Data Protection Applicability to Nigeria Companies 1 Day 70,000 May 23 May Lagos & Abuja This course will cover the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Data Protection Act 2018 and its applicability to Nigeria Organisations need to act now to implement changes to their systems and procedures to ensure compliance. This course helps delegates understand, prepare for and maintain the changes so that they can help their organisations become, and continue to be, fully compliant Open House
6 Environmental & Social Risk Governance 2 Days 100,000 Jun 24 - 25 June Lagos & Abuja We have designed this training programme to effectively communicate and facilitate glitch free implementation of Environmental & Social Risk Management in accordance to the Global Best Practices and The Nigerian Sustainable Banking Principles (NSBP). Open House
7 Future of Financial Stability and Cyber Risk 2 Days 100,000 Jul 15 - 16 July Lagos & Abuja Information security and data protection have proved to be very complex risks. Organisations are inevitably susceptible to cyber threats and online data breach. The objective of this course is to bridge the gap between IT specialists and non-technical management, so that the organisation can understand information security from a holistic perspective. Open House
8 Practical Risk Appetite & Risk Tolerance for Financial & Non Financial Sector 2 Days 100,000 Aug 8 - 9 August Lagos & Abuja Risk appetite and risk tolerance is on the agenda for all boards, both because of the changes to the UK Corporate Governance Code, and also because of the tough economic conditions that we are all facing in day-to-day trading. Open House
9 Obligor Risk Rating Process 3 Days 150,000 Sep 16 - 18 September Lagos & Abuja Participants would have learnt about risk rating process, assigning regulatory credit classification, reviewing and updating credit risk ratings among others  Open House
10 Solvency II framework Implementation (Pillar 1,2,3) 2 Days 100,000 Oct 16 - 17 October Lagos & Abuja The key differences between Solvency II and other regulatory regimes and an appreciation of how eligible capital and technical provisions are to be determined relative to the risks borne Open House
11 Managing Outsourcing risk 2 Days 100,000 Nov 4 - 5 November Lagos & Abuja At the end of the Programme, participants should be able to, analyse the basic concepts and issues in outsourcing, state the critical success factors in outsourcing business relationships, Indentify, evaluate and select competent service providers, identify key outsourcing risks, proactively manage them, effectively manage the relationship between the service providers and the client companies. Open House
12 SME & Commercial Lending Techniques 2 Days 100,000 Dec 2 - 3 December Lagos & Abuja   Open House