Risk Tips Issue 4: Analytical Risk Methods #2 - Trends: Data Analytics

  • Apr 25, 2017
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Analytical Risk Methods #2

Trends: Data Analytics

What is Data?

The first step in any form of analysis, be it trend or any rudimentary form of analysis, begins with an understanding, appreciation and management of data, as data is fundamental in any form of what can be defined as information, wisdom and knowledge. The usefulness of data stands as the bedrock of human existence, the very reason life transitions from complicated to less complicated or constant shifts from uncertainty to certainty is all forged on the historical records, accounts e.t.c all of which share the common fundamental, which is data. The very concept of faith and belief is not excluded from millennia of organized, cleaned and where necessary (as some history have proven) “adulterated” data


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Risk of Fuel Tanker Fire

Mitigation Strategies

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Meet the first set of Certified Risk Managers (CRMs) in Nigeria

The pioneer industry recognised professional examination in risk management which is jointly run by two foremost professional bodies in Nigeria , Risk Management Association of Nigeria (RIMAN) and The Chartered Institute of Bankers of Nigeria¬† (CIBN) recently produced the first set of Certified Risk Managers in the Country.¬† They are…


Abuja Q3 2018 Quarterly Risk Round Table (QRRT) and New Members Induction Programme. The Programme will take place in Abuja as follows: Date - Tuesday, 28th of August, 2018 Time - 10.00 am to 3.00 pm Venue - Ajuji Greenwich Hotel, Plot 1083, Joseph Gomwalk Street, Off Abdulsalami Abubakar Road,…

CBN, Director of Banking Supervision Department officially joins Risk Manager Association of Nigeria.

Central Bank of Nigeria, Director of Banking Supervision Department, Alhaji Ahmad Abdulahi is the latest high profile individual to join RIMAN. Prior to now, Alhaji Abdulahi has been a strong supporter of RIMAN. Alhaji Ahmad Abdulahi oversees banking supervision department of the Apex Bank. The department conduct off-site surveillance and…