Risk Guide: April 2016

  • Dec 07, 2016

2016:Diversification What Are Our Options
What It’s Looking Like From the looks of things we are in mess and a fix doesn’t seem likely for at least 3-5 years, unless by some miracles or global event causes an up-risk scenario that hikes up crude prices, above $100/per barrel, yet even  with that there is still Shale  to contented with, which from one point is where the mess began. So what to do? Diversify? Read more

Quick Pick

Risk of Fuel Tanker Fire

Mitigation Strategies

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Vacancy exists for positions in a leading Corporate Organization in Nigeria:

Vacancy exists for the under listed positions in a leading Corporate Organization in Nigeria:   1. Market Risk Officer: The candidate must understand: Market risk management framework: definition and update of risk limits Contribution to the risk appetite definition Entry point for the Enterprise Risk Management requests: risk identification process,…


Risk Management Association of Nigeria (RIMAN), in conjunction with Lagos Business School (LBS), is organising a Risk Round Table to discuss the central risk management issue of "People Risk Management and Risk Culture Building". It is an established fact that organisations/institutions achieve sustainability by managing people risk and embedding the…