Annual Due and Examination Fees

(Stage I)

N101,000 (One hundred and one Thousand Naira only).
(New Associate Member)

N111,000 (One Hundred and Eleven Thousand Naira only)
(New Senior Associate Member)

N81,000 (Eighty One Thousand Naira only)
(Active Member)

(Stage II)

N75,000 (Seventy-five Thousand Naira only)

(Stage III)

N70,000 (Seventy Thousand Naira Only)

Because of the uncertainty surrounding the full relaxation of the measures to take to curb the spread of the novel Corona Virus pandemic and to ensure the safety of candidates and other Stakeholders, April diet Exams have been rescheduled to hold alongside October, 2020 diet Exams.

Tentative Exam dates for October Exams are:
+ Tuesday, 6th of October, 2020 (Stages 1 & 3)
+ Wednesday, 7th of October, 2020 (Stage 2)
+ Registration will close on Tuesday, 1st of September, 2020.

Annual Due

N10,000 (Ten Thousand Naira Only)
(Associate Member)

N15,000 (Fifteen Thousand Naira Only)
(Senior Associate Member)

N15,000 (Fifteen Thousand Naira Only)
(Certified Risk Manager (CRM) )


Frequently Asked Questions

Membership and Registration

You must be a member of RIMAN to write CRM. Our portal will deny access to registering participants who are not RIMAN members, just as direct payment will not be accepted from participants who are not RIMAN Members.

Where to Register

Registration can be done via our online CRM REGISTRATION PORTAL. Participants can also download registration forms from CIBN website.

How to Make Payment

RIMAN CRM portal accepts Visa, MasterCard and Verve credit and/or debit cards. Direct payments are either through, cash and cash transfers or cheques.

Can Payment be Made With Cheques?

Cheques can be paid to RIMAN account as well as the RIMAN secretariat. Cheques must clear in order for registration to be complete. Only Naira cheques are acceptable for now. Participants must provide their names and evidence of registration and/or exam charges at the back of their cheques.

When is the Examination?

Exam Date is April and October Annually. The Next Exam is April 9th to 10th 2019

Who are the target audience for CRM?

Professionals in all aspects of risk management and others aspiring to be risk managers.