A leading financial institution in Nigeria is recruiting to fill the position of Chief Credit Officer.

Job Title: Chief Credit Officer

Job grade: Senior Banking Officer - Assistant Manager

Division: Risk Management

Location: Head Office

Reporting Relationships: Chief Risk Officer

  • Functionally reports to: Chief Risk Officer
  • Administratively reports to: Chief Risk Officer

Job objective
Ensuring the availability and continuous management of all necessary structures, policy, and
resources to ensure that Credit Risks are proactively identified, measured, managed and monitored
with a resultant effect of good quality risk assets.

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Ensure the development of an annual Strategic Portfolio Plan at the beginning of every financial
    year that will clearly specify the target portfolio size, portfolio distribution by industry, economic
    sector and business Units.
  • Ensure compliance with portfolio plan through generation of the Portfolio Stratification Report of
    the bank’s credit exposures by portfolio aggregation levels including industry/sector, product,
    maturity, collateral class, geography/region, customer type, responsible team and risk rating.
  • Sponsor the provision of reports on NPLs by various stratification levels and recommend
    appropriate measures/policy changes for reducing losses or controlling actual loss norms within the
    desired levels/target.
  • Sponsor the Provision of reports on exposure quality by risk rating/scoring and make appropriate
    recommendations based on observations.
  • Sponsoring the regular review and concurring to all Credit Product Programs initiated by credit
    office or market facing to ensure the programs are in line with our RAAC and the Bank’s policies.
  • Make representation to the various board corporate governance committees on credit risk related
  • Sponsor and directly drive the Organization’s Basel Program.
  • Anchor Credit automation projects e.g. Credit Product Programs etc. and working with software
    vendors to implement new Credit Software that might be needed.
  • Developing and sensitizing staff on credit policies and methodologies with respect to credit
    granting criteria, collateral admissibility policies, large exposure policies, pricing methodologies etc.
  • Ensuring that proper appraisal of credit Facilities in line with global best practices , proper
    monitoring of Loan ,detection of early warning signals and early remediation of compromised
    facilities . Ensure reporting frameworks and structures are put in place to drive the loan
    monitoring& remedial functions.
  • Acts as the Credit administration and Secretary of the Management credit Committees
  • Perform other duties as required by the Chief Risk Officer.

Key Performance Indicators

  • Achievement and sustenance of Non-performing loans (% of portfolio, before loan recovery) of 3%
    on Corporate credits.
  • Ensure prompt reporting of deviation from the approved portfolio plan that exceed (+/-) 5% within
    a month of their occurrence.
  • Ensure prompt reporting of all breaches of regulatory lending standards within a month of their
  • Improvement/reduction in the credit processing turnaround time by at least 50% for Corporate Loans
  • Ensure installation and implementation of credit management or rating software in line with agreed deadline.
  • Complete the rating of all external counterparties by December 30, 2020
  • Ensure at least 50% completion of the rating of all existing Corporate and Commercial names in the Loan book by December 31, 2020.

Work Experience & Education Requirement

  • First degree or its equivalent in any discipline
  • MSc. in any cognate or relevant discipline (if any)
  • CFA, ACCA, ICM, ACA, ICAEW, CIMA or any other relevant certifications (if any).
  • Minimum of 10 (ten) years’ experience (6 of which must be in Credit Risk Management)

Key Competency List

  • Good Managerial and Strategic execution
  • Good people management skills
  • Very good Credit & Market Knowledge
  • Financial modeling skills.
  • Deep knowledge of credit analysis.


  • High level of IT proficiency
  • Ability to think and act independently
  • Ability to work under pressure
  • Good interpersonal and communication skills
  • Excellent presentation and negotiation skills.
  • Analytical and probing mind.
  • Above intermediate computer skills

Interested candidates should send their CV to on or before 20th of March 2020.